I drew my first digital pic (Crimson relief). I hope you guys like the picture, I was inspired by my own emotions. I'll prob not update in a while since school's in 4 days. I hope to try to update.
If any you guys play combat arms add me: relativity00
The poem was original & was written in 2 min when I uploaded my pic.

the Useless Times [issue 3]

2008-02-12 16:29:39 by SABOT00

After a long interval (mainly because of things in my personal life) I'm proud to present this issue.
Tankmen's back!!! now tankmen .5 has been added!.
We're still waiting for Castle 4 through, I can't wait for it to come out!
--the Useless Times--
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the Useless Times [halloween special]

2007-10-15 17:21:02 by SABOT00

It's almost halloween or as the useless times likes to call it hell-o-teen
There's some tips:
Q:how to make a good jack-o-lantern
A:carve a normal pumpkin & then print out some red transparencies then cut that out to the shape of the pumpkin's eyes & nose & mouth then put a light into the pumpkin then paste the red transparencies on to the pumpkin. turn on the light and BOOM!

the Useless Times [issuse 2]

2007-10-14 19:18:38 by SABOT00

Major Shoop of tankmen was mysteriously killed this morning shortly thereafter tankmen's enemies made a full force attack on tankmen Fragst base. It seems now tankmen & their enemies are fighting on HammerChap island

-the useless times
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the Useless Times [issuse 1]

2007-10-13 12:21:54 by SABOT00

salad fingers confirmed that nene & pico were having an affiar
-nene unable to handle the presure commited suicide & captain tankmen blew up pico,
in a related incident convict killed alien hominoide cause pico & nene were out of the way.

--the useless times
your choice source for newgrounds news